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1. He will strip you down
raw and ruined.
It is your responsibility to pick up the pieces.

2. She will leave. Everything will burn.
There is something so beautiful
about rising from the ashes of a past life.

3. They will always love you.
You take for granted the kiss of gratitude
she sends to you in late night phone calls.
His hair will grey and her heart will wither,
do not withhold your thank you’s.

4. You have permission
to build yourself around those who stand like stones,
they will build you mountains.

5. I have died a thousand times.
My blood has shed far too often.
You are finally at peace.
You may finally move on.


-Michelle K., Things I Have Learned at Twenty-One. (via michellekpoems)

"So lonely :("

His Wife Of 75 Years Died A Month Ago, Then He Wrote This Song For Her. I'm in Tears.